Graduate Student Team

Current Team

Matteocci, Aurora
Food waste policy. [MA Political Sci. in progress]
Vasilivetsky, Natalie
Waste reduction, food waste management, environmental sustainability. [MA in progress]
Alexander, Chloe Food waste governance. [PhD in progress]
Ikiz, Ece
Food waste, food insecurity, circular economy and collaborative networks . [PhD in progress]

Former Team

Bain, Maggie
  Evaluating impacts of a behaviour change intervention on Canadian household food waste reduction behaviours. [MA 2023]
Wittmer, Josie
  Women’s work in the “Clean City”: Perspectives on wellbeing, waste governance, and inclusion from the urban margins in Ahmedabad, India.   [PhD 2023]
Kuyvenhoven, Cassandra
  Moving waste around: Unpacking how socia-political decisions are made about municipal solid waste and its transportation.   [PhD 2021, Queens]
Keefe, Jude   Food waste as a neighbour of food insecurity, considering a circular agricultural economy in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. [MA 2020]
Vander Vennen,
  Food waste and food rescue/reclamation in Ontario.  [MA 2020]
  Beyond Bounce Back: A Healing Justice and Trauma-Informed Approach to Urban Climate Resilience [PhD 2020]
Kinach, Lesia   Investigating the role of Ontario’s Food Donation Tax Credit for Farmers in addressing food loss and food insecurity, with a specific focus on donations of fresh produce. [MA 2018]
Millar, Shannon   Investigate the use of reclaimed food waste for food justice activities in Vancouver, BC. [MA 2018]
Regan, Jaida   Investigating Food Waste on Canadian University Campuses. [MA 2018]
DeLorenzo, Amy   Closing the Loop, or Running in Circles? Implementing a Circular Economy in Ontario. [MA 2017]
Fraser, Carly   Pictures and perceptions of household food waste in Guelph, Ontario. [MA 2017]
Van Bemmel, Alexis   Wasting Food is Rubbish: Barriers and Opportunities for Food Waste Diversion in Guelph, Ontario [MA 2016]
Szöke, Teréz   Investigating the Geographies of Community based Public Art and Gentrification in Downtown Eastside Vancouver. [MA 2015]
Stemshorn, Kimberley   Understanding urban waste management through ethics, stigma and consumer responsibility. [MA 2014]
Wittmer, Josie   Environmental governance, urban change, and health: An investigation of informal recyclers’ perspectives on well-being in Vancouver, BC [MA 2014]